nature & science

National Geographic
Nature and Wildlife
Species - ARKive
a unique global initiative, gathering together into one centralised digital library, films, photographs and audio recordings of the world’s species.
National Audubon Society
Nature science journals
Tree of Life Web Project
Collaborative effort of biologists from around the world. Information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their evolutionary history (phylogeny), and characteristics.
World Conservation Monitoring Centre
a large and varied collection of databases concerning nature conservation
The Why Files
Your source for science behind the news.
Popular Science
Welcome to Learn Bird Songs!
Learn Bird Songs provides high-quality recordings and pictures of some common birds of Eastern North America. You can listen to the recordings right on the web site!
Animal Planet
Wild Sanctuary
Encyclopedia of Life
What Bird
Identify birds of North America with a few clicks using our search engine.
Sierra Club

gardening & plants

PLANTS National Database
plant names, a plant photo gallery and more
gardening info and resources
My Garden Guide
My Garden Guide (MGG) is a division of ENN Inc., an online media company that operates the Environmental News Network, one of the oldest, unbiased source of online environmental news in the world. In addition to being a comprehensive gardening resource, MGG home to The Daily Dirt, an environmentally-friendly gardening blog and newsletter that is read by thousands of subscribers every week day.
Botany Encyclopedia of Plants and Botanical Dictionary
Tropical Plant Database
Seeds and Seed Pods
The Seed section is a chart of 500 seeds sorted by size and shape. If you have some seeds with no name, this might help you to identify them. The Seedpods section is a Database of over 300 plants, with pictures of the seedpod and a description of the seedpod and seeds.
Urban Gardening Help
urban dwellers who want to create a green corner devoted to nature in their own home
HortiPlex Plant Database
Info, Images and Links on Thousands of Plants
desktop gardening it couldn't be easier
Gardening Design and Ideas!
The Gardening Launch Pad
Plant Image Gallery
Common Name Index - Forbs
National Gardening
extensive article database, FAQ, and how-to project libraries; planting guides; horticultural news; online gardening courses; and garden industry research
Gardenology is a complete plant and garden wiki encyclopedia. So far we have 21,980 plant entries and other articles written and edited by gardeners from around the globe, with 15,343 photos
Botany Department
Smithsonian Institution
Flowers Encyclopedia
One - Stop Destination on the internet which provides comprehensive information on Flowers and Flower Related Topics
Wildflower Information
Wildflower pictures, wildflower gardening tips and flower folklore
Wildflowers West
wildflower identification
Colorado Wildflowers
A Flower Garden of Macroscopic Delights


All Things Geography
National Geophysical Data Center
U.S. Geological Survey
Bureau of Land Management
up-to-date news and information on each of the 192 recognized countries of the world.
CIA World Factbook
GeoHive Global Statistics
geopolitical data, statistics on the human population, Earth and more.
The Old Farmer's Almanac
Countries and Capitals
Play to learn Geography, History, Science, Litterature and more! - Science Made Into a Game
share and discover unique and interesting locations on the planet.
Graphic Map's World Atlas
List of Continents Countries Cities Territories Dependencies Continents Oceans, and more
The Art of Geography
The Art of Geography provides high fidelity cartography (maps), immersive 360 panoramas, and digital fine art


Earthquake Track
Earthquake Track was created to make understanding earthquakes easier. It contains information on earthquakes since the year 1900. New earthquakes usually appear on the site within a few minutes.
Federal Emergency Management Agency: Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness, Response & Recovery
Natural Hazards Data, Images and Education
Global Disasters Database and AlertMap services
Plane Crash Info


Strange Maps
a blog that focuses on odd maps
The world as you've never seen it before. A collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest.
Map Machine
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
World Sunlight Map
Google Maps
Mapping the geology of the planet.
CloudMade Maps
CloudMade helps you make the most of map data. We source our maps from OpenStreetMap, the community mapping project which is making a free map of the world. Our aim is to continue the democratization of geo data and to expand access to open geo data through a range of simple yet powerful tools and APIs.
Map My Hike
users are able to visualize their health and fitness training progress through the use of maps, workout logs, fitness calculators/tools, and user-led community groups
Google Earth
Google Earth
Google Earth Blog
Google Earth Hacks
Lots of downloads, information and hacks for Google Earth.
Google Earth Community
Ogle Earth
A blog about Google Earth.
Virtual Globetrotting
Aerial and Topo Maps
Customized Topo Maps and Aerial Photos
The Web's Topographic Map
Topo Explorer
Nat Geo Maps
Street Maps
OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the whole world. It is made by people like you.
Driving Directions, Maps & Live Traffic Reports
Yahoo! Maps and Driving Directions
Map Links
Map Collections
PCL Map Collection
Digital Librarian
Maps and Geography
Federal Gov.


Virtual Museum of Surveying
French Old Manhole Covers
Recovered Benchmarks
U.S. Historic Survey Stones and Monuments
Land Surveyor Reference Page
Land Surveying and Geomatics
Land Surveying Info
Tree ID - U.P. Michigan
U.P. tree identification, species distribution, tree key, identification key, dichotomous key, michigan forest history, U.P. roadweeds identification

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